Our Team

Our Built to Last showrooms are fully staffed with an experienced, dedicated, an enthusiastic sales team. We are all here to serve your needs from the moment we make contact until the last piece of furniture is delivered and installed.

The heartbeat of our company is our hard-working team responsible for manufacturing our products. Whether cutting materials, sanding, assembling, or finishing products — our team enables Built to Last to provide the very best in quality and innovation to our customers.

Employee Spotlight

We are a tight-knit family here at Built to Last and we know so many of our customers so well…but how well do you know us? We want you to know who you are talking to on the phone, who you are emailing, and who you are doing business with.

Join Our Team

Our team enjoys developing, not only hand-crafted furniture, but each other in turn. Within our production staff, we are passionate about keeping the craft alive, constantly improving our skill set and welcoming hardworking, ready-to-learn applicants. Much like our quality, hand-crafted furniture, we build each other up with care through each step of the process. We love to watch our teams grow, and trainees quickly become blossoming craftsmen and craftswomen.